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Faye Ibbotson

FAYE IBBOTSON - ‘’THE BOSSY BOOTS’’ – Credit control and Marketing

Faye joined DRB in 2011 and has settled in to her role being the all-round bossy boots of the company. She organises and sorts all shop floor workers and generates daily work in progress reports. Her favourite job is to be on the phone and chatting whether chasing accounts on the sales ledger or introducing the company to new potential customers – chatting is her forte.

Her favourite pastimes are her children and eating she has an insistent passion for both. Her hobbies are sailing and reading - her favourite car would be an Audi Spider, fast and racy.

Faye is a valued member of the team with her vivacious and chirpy personality and since joining DRB has flourished in her role.  She would happily talk for hours and can successfully promote the face of DRB.

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