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The Life Process of Our Recycled Waste

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We’re all probably pretty well informed about how important recycling is. It’s up at the top of the waste hierarchy, along with reuse, as a means of helping to reduce the waste we put into the ground, help preserve our resources and not waste excess resources and energy. Any new forms of waste disposal the government might look at implementing have to come in below recycling and reuse on the waste hierarchy and it’s important to ensure the impetus is still there to do so. So we separate our waste and put what can be recycled out with our rubbish for collection or drop it off at recycling banks. But for the majority of us, the thought that goes into our recycling stops when we deposit our old food containers and glass bottles. So you might not know how complicated the recycling process actually is. It involves a number of steps to ensure all our old waste is reused as much as possible before, eventually, it becomes more energy efficient to dispose of it than it is to try to turn it into something else. If you want to know the process your old waste takes between your recycling bin and the can you’ll drink out of later, read on. Read more