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Why use baling wire?

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So why use baling wire? Baling wire is made from steel that has then been annealed. By doing so, the carbon content in the wire is increased, which in turn makes the already strong wire more flexible and malleable: automatically of use to anyone looking for a sturdy wire that will hold up under pressure, without becoming brittle and unadaptable. On top of this, it’s also relatively affordable to make and produce, which is useful for any jobs when you’re going to require large amounts of it. Immediately, you have a resilient and adaptable wire that is also cost efficient, which are two of the main reasons why it is so relied upon.

Baling wire can also usually be supplied in the forms required by the individual client’s needs. Everything down from the weight of the spools of wire to the diameter is available on request, according to what the client is after, which is obviously vital according to the specifications of the job at hand. Not only that, but it is produced in a number of different forms. This makes it highly adaptable and efficient for plenty of purposes, depending on the work it is required for, whether that is large scale industrial work or simple DIY tasks to be done in your home life. Catchweight coils, for example, are ideal for those transporting heavy materials, such as steel, so are therefore ideal for use in construction and in the steel industry. When transporting large steel poles, for example, as used in construction work, it’s vital that they are properly secured in a product that can safely contain them. The strength of baling wire means it is ideal for this. So for those working in the steel industry, catchweight coils are fundamental to them and their work.

It is for a similar reason, not to mention scale, that baling wire is used in packaging. Formers, either black annealed or galvanised, are instrumental to this. Deployed through the use of a baling machine, this wire is able to contain large amounts of material securely, making it safe and easy to handle, store and transport. The flexibility of the wire allows it to contain a number of different products, of different shapes, sizes and weight, while the durability ensures the safety of the product. This isn’t confined to industrial packaging, but the same rationale compressing and packing municipal waste and recyclable materials. In the same way, the waste is compressed into bales of uniform size and shape, before they’re then transported. This makes both the recycling and waste disposal processes much more efficient. It enables what could otherwise be dangerous waste to be safely contained before it is transported to be disposed of and it also allows recycled materials to be secured, safely stored and eventually shipped and resold.

On the other hand, it’s not only industrial scale work that necessitates the use of baling wire. Cut and looped wire is ideal for manual use without the aid of a baling machine. This means that in situations that require the precision of hands on work, such as when securing the wire around a valuable object, it allows for that accuracy and care. Cut and looped wire also works for smaller scale projects. DIY work or gardening projects, such as mending a fence for example. Cut and looped wire can be put to use in any number of ways around the home, for a number of repairs. It is even utilised by the more creative types to create jewellery or even art work. But for the rest of us, the basic repairs are more than enough to justify the use.

Finally, it’s also a vital part of the manufacturing process and in cut bar form, is even used to galvanise wire. The galvanising process, which requires metal to be dipped into a molten solution, is one that can contain a great deal of risk should anything go wrong, therefore requires precision and the right materials. Cut bars are used to dip the wire that is being galvanised into the solution, as they are robust enough to withstand the process. Without them, it would be much harder and potentially dangerous, so they really are vital to the manufacturing of this form of metal, which in turn has so many more uses in industry.

In other words, the reasons why to use baling wire are simple: it is a high quality, robust yet ductile wire that can be manufactured according to specific requirements to suit any job or project. Not only that, but it’s versatile, so can be used to suit any number of purposes. Whether you’re involved in an industrial scale project or simply want to make basic repairs around the home, baling wire is a durable and cost efficient product that promises a high quality and long lasting result. If you’re not already familiar with the project, the chances are that it’s one that you could come to rely on, as so many others already do.

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